Мастер-классы / Tribal Salon 2016


1. Ode to technique (2 hours)

Technique is the foundation of artistic expression. When you’re able to control your body, you can enrich your performance with complicated details without hurting yourself or holding back feelings. In this workshop, we will stretch ourselves, do sharp locks and add in footwork, spin and turn, practice layering, play with movement paths and dynamics, practice technique using combinations and choreography, and dance. You will receive finished material that you can use in your own performances.

2. Dance without arms – a bird without wings (3 hours)

Static arms. Dynamic arms. Arms in turns and spins. Arms as emotional communicators. Arms as levers. Arms as life preservers. Strengthening and conditioning exercises for your arms. Technical exercises that will take you out of your comfort zone and help you find new solutions for both your use of arms and for Tribal Fusion technique more generally. Breathe with your arms! Soar in your dance like a bird in the air and let your wings carry you!

SUNDAY 24 JAN 2016

3. Turns and spins (2 hours)

This workshop focuses on the techniques and details of various ways of turning. You will learn an exciting combination of turns that you can use in your own dance and also how to turn at different levels. Play with momentum and learn to keep your movement relaxed. Explore how to use your eyes to your advantage, utilising static and moving points of reference when turning. You will learn the secrets of using space in dance.

4. Layering technique. From simple to hard and impossible (2 hours)

This workshop will bring you to the limits of your abilities. What once seemed impossible will become second-nature to you. During this workshop we will work various parts of the body simultaneously at variable speeds. Strong movements will be combined with undulating movements, as well as precise locking technique, changes to the position of the body, and footwork. The patience and inner calmness that will radiate from your face will be the cherry on top.

5. A journey to ancient Marrakech (3 hours)

An ancient technique that allows you to let go of your body and breath freely. You will be able to hear how your heart beats to the pulse of the dance. Find joy in freedom of movement. Forget your ego, and enter into true being, in which you remember your wise and real self. This technique is then set within the familiar frame of Tribal Fusion, increasing the level of difficulty, adding layers, doing isolations, and practicing precision of movement. Turns, level changes, combinations, the state of being – this workshop will include all that. We’ll enjoy dance from across the ages.