WORKSHOPS & PRICES / Tribal Salon 2018

Workshops by Kae Montgomery:

Saturday 8 SEP 2018

10:00-12:00 / Shimmy Clinic (Technique & drills - 2 hours)

Let your shimmy sparkle! We will closely take a look at the mechanics of the shimmy and learn how to make your shaking bolder and bouncier! Work your shimmy through various fun drills led by yours truly.


13:00-15:00 / Attention to Location: Kaleidoscope Circling (Technique & drills - 2 hours)

Each Attention to Location class will focus on one specific style. You’ll get detailed break downs of the formation you picked, learn what movements go well in it, drill it, and discover what location works best for the formation.


Sunday 9 SEP 2018

10:00-12:00 / Bounce Back From Mistakes! (Technique & drills - 2 hours)

No matter how good you are mistakes in front of an audience are bound to happen. Acquiring quick and efficient recovery from mistakes is one of the most important skills an ATS® dancer should have. Learn vital techniques trough various drills and exercises and you will stay cool and confident when s... happens!


13:00-15:00 / Drop, Roll & Pop! - ATS® FloorWork (Technique & drills - 2 hours)

Elegant and powerful floor work can be the most mesmerizing part of your dance routine, but it is physically demanding. This fast-paced 2 hour workshop incorporates dynamic stretching & conditioning to prepare your body. Drill various levels of technique to expand your repertoire. Enter and exit floor moves gracefully leaving your audience wandering "how'd she do that?" Bring your kneepads, yoga mat, water bottle, choli top, yoga pants and full skirt.


15:15-17:15 / Popcorn For 4 - Kae’s Movement Dialect (Technique & drills - 2 hours)

Popcorn is an exciting concept for the quartet formation. As soon as 4 dancers face in, they pop and shoot out in random directions (well.. organized chaos) and then circle! Let’s explore this exciting new concept that will mesmerize your audience. This is a great tool to add to your repatoire and works with basic to advanced steps so all dancers are welcome.


Workshops by Polina Shandarina:


Thursday 6 SEP 2018

17:45-20:45 / Staging project by Polina Shandarina ( videos + 3 h choreography workshop + rehearsal + perfomance at the Tribal Salon 2018 show)

For advanced dancers! Only 12 places! More information shortly.

This workshop is a rehearsal of the choreography prepared by Polina. Participants will perform together with Polina later in the evening at the Tribal Salon 2018 show.

A video clip with a choreo and music are provided by Polina in advance in a private chat with the selected list of participants not later than a month before the performance. All the costumes are sewed by the participants themselves under. Polina’s supervision within the private chat and are brought to the rehearsal.


Friday 7 SEP 2018

10:00-12:00 / Upgrade your fusion (2 hours)

Tribal is a unique and grateful dance that absorbs only the best and the most delicious from other dancing styles, and hip-hop is no exception. After all, these styles have a lot in common, from technique to history.

This workshop is dedicated to the author’s original view of tribal and hip-hop mixture.

Thus you will find out:

- how hip-hop has influenced tribal fusion;

- what costumes and music are commonly used in hip-hop fusion;
- how tribal and street dancing styles can be properly combined;
- what motion technique is the most suitable for this blending.
Also, at the end of the workshop we will learn a hip-hop tribal fusion choreo to fix the material in mind. If you consider yourself a creative dancer that has been born to mix tribal with street dancing styles, this workshop has been drawn up especially for you.
12:30-14:30 / Polina Shandarina’s tribal style (2 hours)
For many years Polina has studied tribal and formed her own manner of dancing.
Now her style is quite recognizable for most tribal dancers:
- simple and at the same time sophisticated dancing technique;
- tribal fusion basic movements mixed with movements of street dancing styles;
- positive and bold manner of performance;
- total body control along with absolute relaxation;
- original music selection;
- playing speeds and infinite challenge to herself;
- sudden stops that transform to slowdown;
- continual movement through space and interaction with the spectator.
You have a unique opportunity to experience it all on yourself. All Polina’s secrets in one dance!

Saturday 8 SEP 2016

15:15-17:15 Time control (2 hours)

How can we make our dance truly remarkable and extraordinary to the audience, so that your performance can surely leave a very strong impression on a spectator? In fact, it is very easy! All you need is to learn how to freeze time ... Will you ask how? Let our dance moves guide us. Nothing is impossible for our body, even manipulating time and space. What kind of means can we apply to bring this effect to life on stage? The answer is a set of techniques borrowed from the popping dance style. These techniques will help us to create an illusion of slowing down, speeding up and complete freezing time in our dance.
You will be offered a series of original exercises to practice these techniques, as well as a tribal fusion choreo for fixing the material in mind. But before we start learning the choreography, we will improvise a lot and work on our musicality.
17:45-19:45 / Secrets of solo improvisation (2 hours)
Improvising skill is a rather complex art. It can and must be improved throughout the whole life. This workshop is designed to inspire the dancer to start improvising and to improve the present skill. It consists of two parts: practice, which offers a lot of liberating and absolutely diverse tasks and exercises, and theory, in which we will talk not only about stage performance, but also about movement in general. Also you will learn about 3D-improvisation, what it is for and what it is about. At last we will talk about the source of eternal inspiration. Intrigued? Then up to new discoveries!

Workshop by Anna Afra:

Thursday 6 SEP 2018

15:15-17:15 Datura StyleTM Vocabulary & Stylization (2 hours)

Datura StyleTM is Rachel Brice’s approach to Tribal Fusion belly dance, which includes an approach to technique and a dance vocabulary that can be used for choreography and improvization. In this workshop we will learn some Datura StyleTM combinations with focus on the stylization that is characteristic of this style. To help you remember the combos beyond the classroom, we will string them together into a practice choreography that will work both sides equally. Get ready to dance! 

Anna Afra is an 8 Element Certified Datura Style Teacher as of April 2016. Anna has been teaching Tribal Fusion belly dance since 2012 and specifically Datura Style classes since 2016 at TribalDanceCenter in Helsinki.


Workshop by Anna Arte:

Thursday 6 SEP 2018

13:00-15:00 / Working on the action within – image and character. Using gesture to tell the tale (2 hours)

You control your body, yet your movements are empty and lack presence? Then it is time to work on the character of the choreography. The same movement may totally lack any idea or purpose or be full of sense and presence.
How, why, for what reason, who, where, what kind of… You will be able to answer all those questions.
We will try to wake up our senses and put our minds to living through the dance, instead of just putting the movements together. Perhaps, to achieve it, you will have to wander outside your comfort zone but fear not. It will only help you polish your skills to perfection.
Teaching language: Russian with English translation.




Early-bird price

until 30 April 2018:


after 30 April 2018:

Kae Montgomery

Package (10 hours)


€ 200


€ 235

Polina Shandarina

Package (8 hours)


€ 130


€ 155

Anna Afra (2 hours)

€ 30 € 34
Anna Arte (2 hours) € 30 € 34

Kae Montgomery & Polina Shandarina

Package (18 hours)


€ 300


€ 350

Kae Montgomery & Polina Shandarina & Anna Afra & Anna Arte

Full Package (22 hours)

€ 350 € 410

Staging Project by Polina Shandarina

 (videos + 3 h choreography workshop + rehearsal + perfomance on Tribal Salon Show)

€ 100 € 130
Polina Shandarina workshop 2 hours   € 40

Kae Montgomery workshop 2 hours

  € 48


Workshop location:

6 Sep

TribalTanssiKeskus / Vanha talvitie 19 A, 5.floor, Helsinki

7-9 Sep

Haapalainen Suutarijääskö Dance Studios Oy / Tallberginkatu 1 C 4. floor, Helsinki (KAAPELITEHDAS)