TIIVISKURSSIT & HINNAT / Tribal Salon 2016

Rachel Bricen Tiiviskurssit:

3 Days, 3 Stages of Mastery: Technique, Innovation, and Expression

In martial arts, “Shuhari" describes the three stages of mastery: Shu is repetition and absorption of the art, Ha is innovation once deep understanding is reached, and Ri, is departure from form, authentic creativity, and moving from the heart.

Each day will integrate work from the day before, and will begin with a warm up and technique spotlight, followed by two hours of the daily topic. We’ll end with a short yoga practice.

Mastery is a process that is only possible with self-knowledge. My hope is that these three days will help you gain a long term big-picture perspective, give you the tools to shape a practice that will change as you do, and always inspire you to push your edges and continue to grow.


Day 1 / Pe 9.9.2016
klo 10:00-14:00
Learn and practice Datura Technique’s detailed design principles, studies, and key phrases.


Day 2 / La 10.9.2016
klo 10:00-14:00
Experience innovation and integration of forms through choreographed belly dance phrases that include explorations in time, space, rhythm, quality, and relationship.


Day 3 / Su 11.9.2016
klo 10:00-14:00
Apply the material from days 1 and 2 to create dances on the spot and from the heart.


Violet Scrapin Tiiviskurssit:


To 8.9.2016
RoleGamers (intermediate)
Character playing can come in many forms and is a pretty handy companion for performers. Playing games and picking cards, we will use little stories to help us transform with movement.
For this workshop i might need a part one where i teach combos to then be used in the actual ws. So that it might be structured like this:
klo 10:00-12:00
Part 1: Teaching three combos
klo 12:30-14:30
Part 2: Playing with the combos


Pe 9.9.2016
klo 14:30-17:00
The Watery Robot Woman (open level)

What makes Tribal Fusion different from other styles? In years of travelling and exchanging with dancers all over the world I kinda broke down a few specific characteristics that apply to an average quantity of performances. In this class we'll play with them and their contraries, and will see how far we can get from definitions and boundaries.


La 10.9.2016
klo 14:30-16:30
It's All About The Flow-bis (open level)

“Flow is the moment in which you’re challenged at the activity that you’re doing and have complete autonomy in the task you’re conducting at the same time.” A pretty sweet state if you ask me. And achieving it is one of the goals of a dancer's career. In this workshop, we will go through different paths to discover the ways and possibilities of exploring intention and movement qualities.



Rachel Brice

Paketin hinta (12 tuntia)

      1. suoritus: HETI ilmoittautumisen lälkeen

      2. suoritus: viimeistään 25.04.2016







Violet Scrap

Paketin hinta (8,5 tuntia)

Violet Scrap (4h) - RoleGamers 8.9.2016

Violet Scrap (2,5h) - The Watery Robot Woman 9.9.2016

Violet Scrap (2h) - It's All About The Flow-bis 10.9.2016






Rachel Brice & Violet Scrap

Koko paketin hinta (20,5 tuntia)

      1. suoritus: viimeistään 2-3 päivän sisällä

      2. suoritus: viimeistään 25.04.2016







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