TIIVISKURSSIT & HINNAT / Tribal Salon 2022

Photo Rachel Brice: Carrie Meyer


Workshops by Rachel Brice (16h) (also ONLINE via ZOOM):

Thursday 6 OCT 2022 (also ONLINE via ZOOM)

10:00-12:00 (2h)

Intro to Molten Movement

All levels practices and combos to build stability, endurance, and control.

Experience the joy of the slow burn with a matrix-slow practice followed by phrases that contain the essence of this style of dance. You'll be provided with tools and materials to continue this practice at home.

This class is appropriate for both advanced beginners and professional belly dancers.

12:00-14:00 (2h)

Time Bender

From slow to fast and back again.

You'll learn simple (but not easy!) combos that manipulate the 4 dimensions of rhythm. These combos illustrate time variations to spark ideas for your own work.

We'll warm up, drill fundamental isolations that are suitable for all levels, and learn combos that incorporate those isolations.

Friday 7 OCT 2022

10:00-14:00 (4h) (also ONLINE via ZOOM)

Twitch (Parts 1 & 2)

(Beginning through advanced)

Contrasting fluid technique with quick isolations + musicality = WHOA.

In this workshop we’ll learn how to develop the contrasting qualities of fluid and percussive.  We’ll experience two different types of practice: One to build both flexibility and control for slow movements, and one for speed for clean hip-work and locks.

Part One: We’ll learn learn how to gain speed and clarity for locks, hip-work, and several shimmies through a carefully constructed practice sequence.

Part Two: We’ll learn phrases that integrate both slow and fast movements, and serves up a heavy dose of musical interpretation.  You can use these combos for practice or performance.

Bring water.

Saturday 8 OCT 2022

10:00-14:00 (4h) (also ONLINE via ZOOM)

Past, Present, Future: Arabic Rhythms in Electronic Music

(Intermediate through advanced)

Western popular music is catching on to the power of Arabic Rhythms in a big way. In this class you’ll learn versatile combos that include both classic belly dance and fusion styles.

Please bring water, and a way to record after class if you want to film yourself.


Sunday 9 OCT 2022


10:00-14:00 (4h) (also ONLINE via ZOOM)

Deep and Complex: Combining Isolations 

(Intermediate through advanced)

This class uses challenging combos as a tool to practice deep abdominal isolations, one hip at a time. Combining hip work with twists will give an added dimension to your isolations. We'll add traveling foot patterns and tempo changes to provide variations and visual interest.


Workshops by Olga Meos (8h):


Friday 7 OCT 2022

14:30-16:30 (2h)


When I creating a projects, I rather do it not linearly, sequentially or routine. I have in my arsenal a box with puzzles that need to be assembled into one full picture.
And here is the question: And what kind of picture we want to collect? After all, sometimes we ourselves do not know what will come out in the end.
In addition to the academic standards for constructing choreography and standards that are no less important in the construction of any production, there is a question about the creativity of the creation.
How create this magical harmonious combination of elements?
How to avoid stereotyping?
What to do if the pictures in Pinterest are over, but you want beautiful things?
How am i doing this?
TYPE: Theory, practical games and tasks


Saturday 8 OCT 2022

14:30-16:30 (2h)


Our ability to maintain balance and keep the vertical position in any situation based on an extremely complex and intricate combination of factors, including visual, auditory and musculoskeletal systems.
Since keeping balance while standing or in the motion, at least in part, a skill acquired, and is largely determined by the general physical preparation, you can improve it.
We'll start our class with exercises for balance and search it in your body. After we will devote all our attention to footsteps, change levels and turns, from the simplest to the most challenging. Fasten all in uncomplicated drill dance combinations that you can use on your classes!
TYPE: Technique

17.00-19.00 (2h)

This is a three related concepts, which written thousands of books. In this class we will talk about these aspects of performance:
• The scene as a space inside of which art is created. What are the scenes can be and how to use this
• Our fears before or after performance and eye contact. Your look and feedbacks from audience.
• Composition of dance from beginning to end, and his integrity and harmony.
This theoretical and practical class will help you feel more confident and more professional in your performances.
TYPE: Theory, practical games and tasks

Sunday 9 CKT 2022

14:30-16:30 (2h)

Many people ask me how I found my style? And I still dont know still the answer. I was inspired and danced by a whole palette of other styles, all my teachers, polished with my own trainings and performances.
To give you answer to this question, and also to share with you my vision of music and a sense of movement, I offer you 4 combinations within 2 hours. Different in contrast, style and dynamics.
After all, only through dance and practice on the mental level, we, the dancers, can understand each other.
TYPE: Choreography

FCBD®Style-Staging Project by Taisa Jah Surya:

Wednesday 5 OCT 2022

18:30-20:30 / (videos + 2 h choreography workshop + rehearsal + perfomance at the Tribal Salon 2020 show)

Staging is a type of workshop during which we create a complete dance and perform it at the show of the festival. This type of workshop always gives a big feeling of satisfaction as all your efforts are immediately paid off with the audience attention. This Staging will be designed in a form of particular and precise choreography so it will be perfect for intermediate & advanced Tribal dancers because you can get ready to it in advance, get a personal feedback from teacher, deepen your dance skills, perform on stage and feel yourself comfortable during performance. If you FCBD®Style dancer – it’s an inspiring possibility to join common creativity. If you do mostly Tribal Fusion still know a bit of FCBD®Style and would like to enhance your skill this will be a perfect moment to learn what you want. Please pay attention that Staging assumes prior personal preparation in studying choreography and making costume. Choreography and music will be done in advance and sent as a video tutorial to all participants so you will have time to study it, feel comfortable and prepared. The additional tutorials on particular moves can also be done on your request for you to practice in advance. You can also receive feedback and instructions from our FCBD®Style Staging teacher Taisa with no additional pay. All the costume instructions, photos and drawings will be posted by the teacher in advance in closed group on facebook and you can ask any questions regarding nuances of creating them. We can insure you that costumes will be invented in a creative & simple manner so they would be spectacular to watch and easy to make. At the very workshop we will take our time to put the whole performance together and polish it. If you have any question regarding the nuances of this workshop we will be happy to answer.





Rachel Brice

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Olga Meos

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Rachel Brice & Olga Meos

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Taisa Jah Surya

FCBD®Style-staging project (2 tuntia studiolla+ online videomateriaalit+harjoitus ja esitys)



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